My dream has always been to be a filmmaker. As a child of only 6 years old wanting to be a cameraman, to becoming one of the first AVID editors in Munich to my current position - a Director filming interesting projects around the world.


The art and skills of storytelling are a result of my years of commitment to the craft of filmmaking. My time as an Editor has fully developed my understanding for breaking down scenes, capturing different camera angles, movements and the art of story telling it self. Today my reputation as a Director is also defined by my ability to make the most of challenging projects whether it be logistical, budgetary, or intricate storytelling.


I love making the most out of whatever the production has available. As a cinematographer, sometimes it is actually easier for me to operate while directing, than communicate my vision to another DoP. As a result I find myself directing, shooting, and ultimately editing a large percentage of my projects.


While my experience runs 30 years deep creating all types of content, my passion is all kind of automotive stuff like motorsports action, and I have extensive experience filming all types of gear porn jobs whether luxury cars in studio , or capturing the excitement of off road motorcycle stories.


Visually my style is combining commercial imagery with documentary real-style storytelling. I have devoted my life to this craft, and am proud to call myself a film maker.